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Welcome to our New Home but Respect the Ground Rules

Following our move to our new ground at Kettering Town Sports and Cricket Club we need to inform everyone of the site rules and ask that these are respected at all times by everyone including visiting teams and supporters.

The ground is private property and as such anyone not respecting the club rules will be asked to leave.

  • Safety - be aware if other sports are taking place when you arrive.

  • Archery - If archers are present no entry to the football area must take place.

  • No Dogs are allowed on site

  • Foul and Abusive language is not premitted

  • Match Officials are to be resepcted at all times

  • Encourage the children - they play football because they love the game

You are welcome at our Team ground and clubhouse but please remember this is not Champions League Football, the players are children who are learning and play for fun, the Referees , Linesmen, Coaches and Staff on site are volunteers who are there to ensure the children can enjoy sport and you can enjoy your visit.

The Hawks & Supporters Foundation

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