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2 years ago the FA launched a project called England DNA. The idea was to have a common strategy playing strategy and culture from grassroots football to the England Senior Team.

All FA coaching events we attend are linked to the DNA and this morning the New England Manager, Sam Allaydyce spoke about the importance of the future. If you watch the news conference and follow up interviews with Dan Ashworth you will hear the DNA being talked about.

Clubs and Coaches were encouraged to develop their own DNA linked to the England project. We started this two years ago by asking the players about Why they played football and Who were the Hawks. Last year we concentrated on How We Play . This year as we move to 11 a side we want to focus on our playing strategy and how we can coach to help develop this.

To help our players and our coaching , the club coaches discussed ideas about pulling together a coaching resource to support the players and to help us focus and bring together the ideas for the future .

The result of this is we have developed a Hawks DNA Microsite which sets out our plans, playing and coaching philosophy. It also contains lots of videos & tactical ideas to help the players especially to get the used to our 11 a side formation and ways of playing.

To help us improve we will evolve this over time with coaching blogs and session plans .

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