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Players & Parents Ground Force in the Boiling Summer Heat

The incredible summer heat of 2018 has presented huge challenges for all sports clubs and the Hawks didn't escape.

With day after day of burning sun the ground conditions have been very challenging and disrupted the football with cracking everywhere.

With the club having to undertake a huge amount of work including filling cracks with 15 tonnes of soil our teenagers came to the rescue putting in some monster shifts at the club.

Led by Coach Adam Doughty around 10 players, siblings and even some of the Hawks mums came to the rescue ; Mark, Liam, Kiron, Asher, Dylan, Sean, Erin, Ethan, Jake , and Karlie.

The work was a monumental effort and many of the shifts started early in the morning to avoid the blistering heat.

A true team effort by our incredible club. with around 200 man hours of work.

Hawks FC


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