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Hawks Pitch Time Guarantee

Hawks is gettiing ready for the new 2022-23 Season and is busy signing on players for its squads.

To further underline our commitment to player fairness and opportunities we are putting in place for the new season a "Hawks Pitch Time Guarantee".

This will ensure all players at the club get plenty of time on the pitch playing matches and an absolute minimum of 50% during every game. We want this to be 60%-70%.

Young Players are here to play football and develop so there is no sitting around on the bench at Hawks.

To go further and make sure we are focussed on young player development we want all of our players to develop a deep undertstanding of the game and get opportunities to play in different positions.

There is no such thing as a aged 7 defender at our club !!

We want to develop Universal Footballers with the skills and confidence to play all over the pitch.


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