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Right Minded Football Project

We are pleased to announce that Hawks FC have been selected to be one of a few clubs to support the new Northamptonshire FA "Right Minded Football Pilot Project".

The Right Minded Football Pilot Project, which runs from February-June 2023, aims to support clubs in offering a welcoming and safe environment for all our players on and off the pitch as well as ensuring we are following the best practises for our coaches, players and volunteers.

By completing a set criteria designed by Northamptonshire FA throughout the remainder of the season our club will be able to access funding for resources and events such as Football equipment, social events and more.

We will be asking for everyone within the club (Players, Parents, Coaches & Committee) to be involved within project.

Below are the responsibilities we would like each group to follow throughout the course of the pilot project.

Respect & Referee Support Officer

We are looking for help from a few parents who attend games.

We would like us to ensure that all players, spectators and staff have an enjoyable and safe experiences at team fixtures and have a non - coaching volunteer to act as our Respect & Referee Support Officer and get involved in the project.

There are a few simple matchday jobs we need help with to work with parents and the young referees to ensure a positive matchday atmosphere for everyone at matches.

Please get in touch if you can help us make a difference.


Every player will be asked to complete a monthly Player Welfare Check form by the 20th of each month which parents can help with. This is a anonymous online form will allow for you to voice any concerns you have within the club and provide the club committee an opportunity to look at how we can improve or address any issues

Only our club committee members and the Northamptonshire FA development team will have access to your submissions as these will not be shared any further on, so we ask for you to please be honest and open within your submission to allow our committee to support everyone to the best of our ability.

Team managers and coaching staff

Our coaching staff will have access to a range of courses being run at Northants FA and we will be seeking good news stories from all team managers each month to highlight any successes that have happened.

Committee members

As part of the project, our club will be asked to submit a monthly update of their annual club development plan. This practise will ensure that the aims and objectives for our club are being regularly checked.

If you have any questions about the club’s involvement within the pilot or your responsibilities, please contact me directly.

We would like to hear from any parents able to help with the matchday role of the Respect & Referee Support Officer.

James Bambridge

Chairman - Hawks FC


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